Dear Web developers,
I'm looking to boost my skills and improve work flow. I was wondering what sort of tools, editors or platforms would you recommend? I currently use wordpress, php, jquery, sass, react, node and laravel.

I've heard about awesome ways where you can monitor project changes, something like github but with gui for design drafts and stuff.

Also I heard about good online platform for Web development, something like online sublime text where all your files are saved within cloud platform. I'm looking for something that will unify my work throughout different work places.

Lastly, are there any good sites or new technologies that are fairly popular and good to learn or research?

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    I would recommend you learn JavaScript as the benefits of jQuery are not as prevalent as they once were. The future of JavaScript is with ES6 which is where most are headed and then ES7 after that.

    As for tools i use...

    - PhpStorm
    - VS Code
    - Todoist
    - SmartGit
    - Postman
    - ServerAuditor

    All of my code-related work is stored on GitHub which i use extensively to manage my projects, track issues and develop new functionalities.

    A good resource for documentation is http://devdocs.io.
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    @nblackburn i know it will sound dirty and unprofessional, I have full licence for jetBrains but I can't see to identify any benefits within the php storm compared to sublime text. I feel lost when using it.
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    @Mack It's not either, but i guess it depends on how you work. For me PhpStorm is the king of IDE's because it handles more or less everything related to development from providing intelligent suggestions as you type to being able to debug and test code.
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    @nblackburn same for me it's refreshing having trivial code syntax remembered for you and sometimes discovering new methods with dot syntax allowing me to focus on my code not how to do a trivial operation.
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    for web work I use the following

    php storm -ide
    cyberduck -ftp
    gitkraken -git client
    Photoshop - editing assets

    some chrome extensions
    cache killer - disable caching
    webalyzer - tells me what cool websites I visit and what technologies they use.
    color picker - oo I like that image color tells me the hex value instead of having to open up Photoshop for a simple eyedropper

    last but not least
    beer - you know why
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    @Oceas also.... any kind of ticket tracker for projects whether personal or client work.

    I'm starting to use pivotal tracker. but JIRA is also nice. Trello is also alright as a free alternative
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    @Mack the single greatest feature of the jet rains products is the "go to declaration". Even if you have no idea how to read your colleagues code, you can always back trace it with the go to declaration. Assuming you have local access to the full call stack.
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    @Oceas any reason why you would use gitkraken over php storms built in vcs tools? Or for that matter, ftp deployment through php Storm is nice too.
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    all of the above comments (and probably the following) are great, but please for the love of code, throw WordPress out the window it just isn't worth your time
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    @avstuff other than still leaning how to use the software to its fullest.. nope just laziness in what I know. as for ftp it's convient for me to copy and backup sites and assets from various domains I manage
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    @Mack When working on a Mac machine i recommend using a tool called Dash. It's basically a Programm which holds many documentation of different programming languages which you can open with a Shortcut and quickly search for something. Since I am using this tool the amount of Browser Tabs has decreased a lot for me. You can also do cool stuff like filtering. Lets say you want to search something in jQuery you simply hit the key to open the app and type :jQuery "searchterm" and the app will show you all results. In addition you can save Code with this tool.
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