Long ago, like 5 years, I made an app for my EX GF in symbion to track her periods. Application predict the next date when your period will come based on her cycle.

How ever after 2 month of usage she told me that application was flashing that she is pregnant. She scared shit out of herself and made me sacred a hell as well.

Later i find out that the variable i used to store number of days between last period and current date was not capable of storing value more than 40, i don't know how, and triggers negative value to be shown.

Early days of my programming, Shit happens.

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    To be fair, if it's been more than 30 days since her last period, that sounds like the correct behavior.
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    @starless she was late by 11 days.
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    @abcdev the app should say "go see a doc and talk to your man (or men, but sorry for you in this case 😀)"
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    @sambid int it was. I remember it very well. 😂
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    ++ for sacred as hell. That's some vatican-level shit right there.
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    @abcdev that's a crazy cycle. No wonder she needed a program to track it! :)
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    @starless it definitely was. 😀
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    @runfrodorun so, what should be discussed? Umm... her cycle usually comes 3 days earlier from last one. Let's say if it had came on 25th last month next will be 22nd this month. Something to consider, give or take. I don't clearly remember.
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