Mom: hey I can't get into the phone, the PIN and PUK aren't working. See if you can fix it otherwise you'll have to go to the communications company to ask for a new card (my mom is working and can't do it)
Me: //gives it another try. Doesn't work. Searches online. Yep, can't do anything, it needs a new card
Me: sorry mom, you have to get a new card, there's nothing I can do.
Mom: OK
Me: why did you ask me for help, again?
Mom: well because you can do things and fix things and so, and I thought that maybe you could fix it
Me: 😑

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    Everybody knows these situations.
    But to be honest, I always say "ask me before you rush into fix it by spending money".
    Theres nothing worse than your mom buying a shitty notebook for waaay to mutch money.

    So i deal with these small annoying things and see them as my kind of "contribution to society" 😎
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    @twinflyer well yeah, sure, I don't mind helping, but depending on you 24/7 to fix stuff and then you can't do it... it gets a bit on my nerves LoL
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