I think I just gave my teammates/boss another mind-blowing idea...
Daily stand-ups are usually done standing up... Which means away from computers... And therefore JIRAs should not be mentioned, at least not by ID...


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    5627, 9604, 7729, 8870, …

    What are these? Nobody remembers, nobody cares.

    On the bright side, nobody cares!
    Just make yourself sound productive.

    Standup is largely pointless anyway.
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    I've seen people that bring sticky notes with the ticket numbers on them. I get very suspicious of people who manage to memorize all their ticket numbers (there's a lot of them somehow). Like, are you all just starting at the screen trying to memorize numbers all day? Is that why nothing gets done? On rare occasion I MIGHT remember one if I'm stuck on it for a few days and/or have had meetings about it where everyone keeps referencing the number.
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    @ChaoticGoods I don't even remember mines, I wrote my own kanban app to keep track of the ones im actually working on...vs everything I'm assigned in jira... Which is more like an issues tracker... Most can't be done or even started in the current sprint.

    The only time I refer to the sprint # is to create the feature branch, ask other times I just look at my board... Double click on the issue which opens to the jira page... Or right click to add personal notes that really is just for me
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    @donuts I think a lot of devs start memorizing the ticket numbers because of bs tickets. If the ticket has 5 different things in it, no one is going to try and remember all of the nonsense attach to a single ticket so they just memorize the number. But I refuse to work on tickets that are a collection of a bunch of issues/features all in one. If they're not properly separated, I ping the PM to split them up and go about my day until they get around to it. So I don't have the issue of trying to remember what 18 bugs got stuffed into a single ticket I'm working on that day.
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    @ChaoticGoods well that's a lot of wasted brain cells and energy...

    Maybe that's why I'm a better dev than everyone else on the team
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    @ChaoticGoods if ive been working on an issue for a while, i do end up memorising the id because it's everywhere: in the branch name, so everywhere in git, and also in the PR title/description.
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    @bananaerror why's it everywhere in git?
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    @donuts any git commit, push, pull or PR opening will reference the branch, which has the issue id. It's hard not to memorise it.
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    @bananaerror oh...cmd line hm... Maybe...I use gui one... Only command I use in cmd line is git branch, copy whatever branch I want to switch to and paste it after git checkout
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    @bananaerror I mean it's in the git branch but I've never seen anyone reference it in individual commits and I'm not really switching between branches or commits a bunch and all our feature branches have a description name in addition to the issue number so most everyone still refers to the branch by the useful piece of information instead of the issue number. Unless like I said before it's a ticket we've been working on days/weeks or have had a lot of "req edits".
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    @ChaoticGoods fair, and it's not referenced in individual commits, but you're bound to see it if it's in the branch name.
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