I'm told that a worker can't clock into work on his phone because he does something different from his fellow employees. So I go to him to ask hey what do you need in order to clock in.
"Oh well I do something different from everyone"

Yeah I know I'm trying to get it so you can clock in on the phone as well what do you clock into.

"Well the other guys can clock into things on the phone you should ask them if you want to know how to clock into on the phone. I do different jobs then them"

Yes I know, what do you different so I can add it to the phone clock in app?

"What I do isn't on the phone you can't clock into it on there you have to clock into it here."

Would it be unprofessional to strangle him?

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    No but you cant cuz he is different 😃
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    Oh my...How long did that go on for? I've had too many conversations like this...I was getting frustrated just reading your rant lol
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    @snypenet Not too long. He got irritated with me and told me he was busy and had work to do and walked away.
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