What the f*ck ? Is it normal practice or its just me ? My boss outsourced me, i got recruited as regular, because i am early regular. Now i just got told that im one of 2 senior devs in a project. Kinda overwhelming because project is complex and is on stack i wasn't recruited to. Is it something normal that i should enjoy ? Currently im vomiting every morning before every daily and refinements and im considering leaving that job.

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    it is normal, sadly, because there's nothing enjoyable about it.
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    @Midnight-shcode so do you start learning from the ground up or pretend your way throughout the project, I guess as a senior dev you may end up not writing code?
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    He is simply throwing you in cold water. I have been there since day one of being a junior, he wants to see if you can get comfortable with challenges. Better gear up since this can make or break your career at that place. You can leave, but you will learn nothing from running, face it and make it count!
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    Draugfein is right, don’t run from this, this is awesome.
    It’s part of the process of becoming comfortable being uncomfortable.
    You’ll know what I mean when you reach that stage later in your career.

    If you’re going to be in development you have to get used to not knowing and learning, because that needs to be most of your career.
    If you are ever in a position where you aren’t learning and you can do it all with your eyes closed then it’s time to move on because your mind will rot.

    Maybe your boss believes you can do a good job on this project. Just cos it’s a different tech stack doesn’t mean your skills won’t be useful.
    Think about the analytical and problem solving skills you’ve got. Or business knowledge, debugging skills, people skills etc. It’s not just about knowing syntax.
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    @TrevorTheRat if you're being fucked in the ass, just chill and try feeling pleasure.
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    @iiii hahahahahha. That’s made me chuckle
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