I somehow managed to turn on overtype with the insert key.

Welp, guess it's time to get a new laptop. Any recommendations?

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    How about just a new keyboard instead?
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    If you managed to turn it on and don't know how to disable it, I would suggest you try disabling the num pad and hitting 0. At least that is how I mange to turn it on/off on my keyboard accidentally
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    Uh, have you tried using the virtual keyboard to disable if the `FN+btn` isn't working?

    Donno your budget but the XPS 13 & 15 both are amazing piece of tech. That or Thinkpad (P, W or T) are good.
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    I suggest a hammer
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    @flag0 Literally just brought home the 13.

    Not, however, directly related to my rant.
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