I was contacted by a recruiter for a job in company where I am already employed.


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    They were so impressed that they want to hire you again.
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    @molaram I so wish that was possible.
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    @divinedragon an other way is that you can use this offer to get an counteroffer from the company.
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    @molaram why? its completly normal in our industry to go where you get an better offer.
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    Demand an offer, accept it, enjoy double salary.
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    Or they will fire you to hire you paying less
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    @rittmann When you have to train your replacement but the replacement is you.
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    I left a job that I got through a recruiter. He layer contacted me about another job, thinking I was still at the job he placed me at. He wasn't supposed to do that (normally recruiters agree to not poach people from their own clients). When I told him I had already switch jobs he asked where I was currently. Come to find out the job I had gotten on my own is the same position he was trying to place me in. Recruiters are worthless and have no idea what they're doing.
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    I guess the only way this is undeetaabsle is if your linkedin is out of date..
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    @YADU nope my LinkedIn was definitely up to date lol.
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    Go for it - either for fun and lulz - or to get a higher offer you can then use as proof that they actually should pay you more...
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    @stop I get double spiderman meme vibes 🤣
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    Keep in touch after probation period is done 🤭
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    I find this hilarious 😂 what did you say???
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    @witchDev Once I got to know its the same company, I politely said, I have been working here already. To this he also laughed and told me to reach out to him if I plan to leave.
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    “I’m currently working at {companyName} but am always interested in hearing about opportunities.“

    That might actually get you a raise if they think you are on the prowl.
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    Have you continued with the interview? Maybe you get two salaries from the same company! 😆
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    been there
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    I think the recruiter was drunk.
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    i once got contacted by 3 each from different recruiting firm within 2 days all offering the same job.

    one of them, when i told him i'm already in process with his competition about it, was like "oh... okay, i've got another one, a bit worse fit for you, but..." and then proceeded to offer me the job i had quit just before.
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    Oh man, that's hilarious! I've heard of cases where HR databases aren't updated, but this is next level. My friend had something similar happen, though not this ironic. Probably some mix-up or maybe the recruiter works with multiple firms and just didn't cross-check. For instance, have you seen https://ukrainian.us/chicago/job ? They've got quite a few listings, and things can get muddled up easily if a recruiter's not careful.
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