My Dream Job?

✅ 100% Remote Work.
✅ No dogshit Proprietary Stacks like Adobe Experience Manager.
✅ Reasonable Timelines.
✅ Management defers all technical decisions to you.
✅ Actually Challenging Projects.

These are my Big 5

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    It's totally achievable :D
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    I have simple dreams, man :')
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    This + working with a team of ~5 people.
    I don't like being the only dev in a project.
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    I am actually living your dream apparently. These are also why I am not hunting for a job with a higher salary. While mine is decent it could easily be higher elsewhere, but the ecosystem I am in is just so perfect, can't give that up. At least not right now.
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    @ngCry I don't mind being the only dev on a project.

    I hate being the only dev on a product.

    Especially when it's important enough to be called "the whole business" yet new product lines get 10-25 new devs.

    Although it will look great during an interview when I mention I was out performing three teams of devs.
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