I don't get it, why would you put infinite scroll on a site that has useful links in the footer?

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    Yeah that is "infinite scroll yeah its popular feature add that" kind of thing
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    Sounds like the ending to a twilight zone episode
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    They want you to work for it. Only the worthy can reap the benefits of the footer links. But seriously, infinite scroll is like the bane of my life. Just put a "read more" button guys. It makes writing twitter scrapers in selenium/any browser automation process incredibly annoying.
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    I know. I have written and complained about a few such sites. Most times they never thought about it.
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    Chuck Norris scrolled to the hoves of the http://endless.horse
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    I think it's kickstarter or maybe DeviantArt with infinite scroll, where I'm browsing and then the tab died because my potato ran out of memory :^)
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    @moshmage Maybe it's just because I'm not familiar with it, but I really dislike the twitter API. You have to request simple data in batches, and it's incredibly slow. For a novelty project I just wanted to get the followers of three people and get the cross section. But it was slow slow and buggy and it would have taken forever. It was actually easier just to write a splinter bot that scrolled and read the html.
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    You are a wordpress developer...
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    Seen that, been there... 😥
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    I guess it could work if you were to stick the footer to the bottom after scrolling down from the initial page
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