This is not a developer-related rant, but honestly, I'm annoyed, and this felt like the best place to vent.

My Twitter account has been suspended/restricted. I can still log in, but I can't tweet, follow people, anything.
No reason was given to me at all for my restriction, other than an automated reply when I attempted to appeal it stating they suspected my account of being hacked - an account I hadn't used in about a month, has a randomly generated 12 character password and has 2FA.

Here's the thing - I didn't grow up with Twitter, I've never really taken an interest in it, I only have my account to post dev stuff now and then as I know some over devs do - It felt like a good place to easily log what I'm currently working on and show off my work that I was proud of.

There aren't any other platforms I know of where I can do that, other than here (but my work consists of things that are also not dev related, so...)

I have no idea if I will get my Twitter account back; it's been over a week now since I attempted to appeal it with absolutely no response.

If anyone knows decent platforms where I can share my work and progress (dev, art, level design, etc.) and can use it sort of like a dev blog, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Nothing beats a blog.
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    @N00bPancakes do those even exist anymore?
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    Maybe they didn’t like your politics,
    such as using the word “master” or “blacklist”? That can get you banned now, apparently.

    Or maybe you logged in via a vpn or proxy once.
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    check indieweb and one of the comertial product implementing that called micro.blog
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