Ok so I have a software quality exam tomorrow and I'm studying the theory the teacher gave us. This thing is repeting all the time that the best way to ensure quality is by using BPMS (Business Process management Systems) like Bizagi and the one from IBM, which generate software apps without coding, just defining processes. What do you guys think about this?

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    I think thats a load of fucking shit and your professor can fuck off
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    @Ronald hahaha thank you now I feel understood lol
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    @Ronald shoop da whoop! Direct hit!
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    The best way to ensure quality is with well defined acceptance criteria, a solid QA team, high test coverage, and continuous and automated integration testing + deployments.
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    Nobody uses that shitty system;) People in dev community should start writing their unit tests first lol.
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    @KalmyK test driven development is A+ :)
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