my employer moved our company to the UAE. we were in a dying and collapsing country. Now we are in a stable and great place to be. We are even paid about double the average salary here.


He now seems to believe we all owe him. so every time a long weekend / holiday comes up he tells us you have a week to deliver X or ur career will be in danger.

I have been living the past 2 months with those continuous threats. In utter anxiety over possibly losing a job i love because of him.

Before the weekend started he tagged us and said you have 48 hours to fix X. and here i am on a weekend working 10 hours a day as a result.

But i have been pulling 2 day shifts in one day. spending nights, weekends and holidays working on the project he wants fixed. and he still seems very angry at me and my team all the time. very unappreciative. and just very hurtful.

im just scared shitless because i have a family i support and have Just moved to a new country and paid thousands of dollars to rent and furnish my new place. If i get fired now i would be ruined...

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    also why the hell would you pull strings, and spend a lot of money to move people to a new country just to fire them there !!! is he some kind of sick person who wants to ruin peoples life ?
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    @sleek to have power over them, simple and easy. Companies don’t give a fuck about you nor your family (nor anyone else), unfortunately.

    I wish I could give you a real advice here, but workers union etc depend hugely on the place you are (e.g: in Germany they are paid directly by the employer, which means they just snitch and sell your name…).

    I feel we are getting closer and closer to the realisation we globally need either a better system or means to balance the powers between employee and employer.
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    That sounds toxic af. I would suggest you work on team solidarity. If he fires you all, nothing delivers, it would take months to ramp up new people, so essentially a threat back. Mini-unionizing.

    I had a boss yell at me all the time, and one time I thought he was gonna come across the desk at me. Surprisingly, he was all bark but too chicken to bite. It was awful living through it tho, so I feel for you. No one should have to live through abuse to eat and feel financially safe.
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