I love you geogebra !

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    mr chomo and fat chomo bitch are changing shifts.
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    obviously if i were doing this for a living i'd create a simpler way of indicating things that appeared ordinary, like visiting a web page containing some keyword or coming up with a different method of exchanging new triggers and indicators daily with a destination.
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    for example I might share this video url
    to indicate i'll be gone and you can safely set this place on fire and burn them all to death :P

    or just to indicate something completely different as that would be too obvious.

    but seriously you could burn this place to the ground since i'll be gone shortly on my way somewhere else while these chomo faggots keep celebrating their mindless circular enslavement
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    seriously i'd like to kill them and tie their naked bodies to their rich masters naked bodies and leave them in a cell beneath the earth to starve to death while their former whore decomposes with them.
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    "good morning good morning to you :)"
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    What the actual fuck are you trying to achieve on this platform?
    This is mot your diary
    Nor are we twelve years old
    For the communication you provide does not exceed the capacity of a Tardigrade.
    Fuck off.
    And go get some professional help FFS!
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    @scor we think they are 12
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    @scor methinks also they should self analyze a little more
    Even have that statement didn’t make sense retard
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    But you also never updated geogebra.

    (The new version seems fine enough to me though.)
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