I used to dream of systems which were built into the infrastructure for a variety of reasons

One was I didn’t feel object detection was likely good enough to handle various objects say to stock shelves in warehouse like stores

The other was power

If the stretch works one might wonder how many of them they’d have to employ to schedule them to recharge themselves throughout the day

It’s a shame humans as is can’t be trusted with too much free time given how the boomer generation and before willfully poisoned the minds of so many of their offspring creating this mess

We might have reached a point where life was mostly personal Enrichment and study and exercise and leisure where we all lived over a 100 years had minimal offspring reduced our destructive footprint on the world and well you get the idea

With more people working in closed shops we might have even reached this tech sooner

I wonder how prohibitive the price tag is how fast it runs out of power how destructive it is to non durable goods and the what other faults that have kept us from advancing into the golden age the last time I posted this before way way back now

Or maybe rich perverts don’t want to give up their monopoly of control over other peoples lives once were forced to change our lives economic system to adapt

Issue of course is population size
The replacement to honest labor and ingenuity or making a better world in the USA has been a short cut we commonly call slavery and that creates incentive for them most of evil people to breed continually and sell their children

Population in a time period of extreme leisure under normal circumstance would likely fall off

Humans would want to enjoy endless travel which is another problem if we keep cars that are based off fossil fuel

Much like increased tech has the trade off of increased usage of energy that is dirty like our nuclear plant problem in the USA where many places aren’t even carting their waste to Nevada down the 10 mile tunnel they’re supposed to be

So we’re stuck
Oh well
Hopefully there is reincarnation
Maybe I’ll come back as a cat

People just had to pull their insane shit when I was alive

Why couldn’t it have Ben something Normal like war or occupation or just hardship of some form instead of designed hardship to control good people and pattern bastards into this weird shit I see all around me because they’re both evil and afraid of losing what they have

Doesn’t this seem familiar ?
It should

Just like the competitors to Boston dynamics I’m looking up have been spawned as a result of YouTube presenting me with the same video as part of its algorithm heh

And also be because I mentioned that before

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    it's a really fucked up world, it feels like it's not better anywhere.

    over here in Africa, if a person finds himself not being able to work to their full potential, it's easy to blame it on the government,

    its always there's no this, there's no that, this caused this and this caused that.

    but out there where there is some form of structure it seems like people are always working at full potential

    and when they burnout everyone is pointing an accusing finger at them directly or indirectly, like, "you were given everything, given this given that! why are you complaining! just work!"
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    @ilechuks73 reality is a person is only as good as his continued fortunes and opportunities and those opportunities can be controlled and therefore so can their fortunes

    So in the end anyplace could end up like Uganda to reference something familiar

    And people here can end up in the dirt and no very far from everyone is used to their full potential here and “just work” ends up with 60 year old cripples or black lung or life depleting stresses and unpleasantries

    That and like anywhere else once you hit Rock bottom and have nowhere to turn you lose everything and it takes longer to climb with the bonus of being hot shit one second you may not be employable suddenly the next

    Meaning employers here are sadists pretending to only be selfish snobs nowadays
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    god i love telling them quietly that i'm going to cut their dicks off while they sleep to the chomo faggots :P

    it works well when i note them moving about when the cops aren't doing anything about them because they can't say 'you talking to me ?' or ratehr than can but they don't because they are these things and they know them and i could have been talking to anyone or noone :P so they hear me but they can't do shit, without acting like they're very very sensitive to the label, when i'm not even looking at them when i say it.

    it makes me feel happy :)

    see they know it makes me angry when there are children in the same environment as them. so they annoy me with this. because i know who they are and i note that the children don't age over years, meaning they're like they were which is being trained to 'work', so 10 years later a new kid is there in the custody of the same person, and the cops don't even notice even if they're told, look about the same and haven't aged a day.
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    not my fault the cops are traitors, welcome to the usa in many areas.
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    anyway are we sure that the psych arousal showing in the pupil dilation of owls is negative or stress induced in all cases or are we projecting ?

    cats get like that too when they're excited and being playful and... mischievious.

    people having sex also have dilated pupils.
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    I really do hate you all.
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