What is it about SQL that invites people to do things in utterly ridiculous ways? The amount of pointless repetition and complete lack of clarity in the query scripts I get handed is irritating at the best of times - without any documentation (or even a bare comment sometimes) how am I supposed to work out what you were doing?

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    run it on a production database, it gets real and clearer that way

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    Read their stupidity back at them like a highschool math problem.

    "If Sally made a query with left outer join on a table with 6 million rows three times. How many times does she need to crash the DB before she gets the hint?"
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    This is what happens when code devs write sql. Looping in app, very efficient, looping through a cursor in a db, very inefficient. I think dev teams should have a dedicated db dev to keep expertise in the right place.

    I saw an app architecture yesterday and the erd and cringed as they told me they will start having to purge data in a month at the rate it’s going. This app launched in June. So, 3 months of data for a mvp single use case can’t be sustained in your model?
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