Sometimes I wonder if we’re not all trained models that are self teaching and pivoting around so that some mindless clone can mimic us until they actually understand what the hell we thought and felt but more quickly

Like doing math problems but saturated in trauma and unhappiness or more trauma and unhappiness lol but the repetition is linked to more complex activity and then quickly forgotten since this isn’t life

Just being exposed to ideas that interested me as a kid made profound changes in what I talked about and how I thought

Are we sacrificing humans so subhumans can think like us in the future ?

Fucking pod people

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    Case in point there is one of their weird creatures sitting here now making the same stupid responses to not understanding humor or even the time of day living off of or trained to think to their strange alien way

    The more we laugh when the humor seen makes sense the more he starts to mimic us and then there are points where I’m revealed as the straight classical male and others don’t always laugh because of the hypersensitive standard they have had for ceded them and because often they don’t have anything to relate to being freaks

    Since last time he laughs more at appropriate times and seems to get the humor more but likely he’s still thinking in his fucked up secondary language he’s just doing what they do and absorbing the emotion and the “correct” attitude to cover up the weird shit he’s thinking about

    And thus do I feel a prisoner of my enemies who become more like fucking chameleons we should rabbit drive
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    The narrator sucks but they probably still get the idea
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    We need an actual random algorithm to confuse the thinking machines
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