I think perhaps our attempt at making learning interesting has been targeted by trash creating crap videos to advertise sick shit to each other,

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    It's so much time being you here man, I respect you for sure but would like to ask, do you like more spamming than ranting? Don't you think why your rants are usually downvoted or ignored because of nonsense you shit in your words? You profiled yourself to realize us the one day but think any instance of yours
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    @Eklavya actually look at my rants and comments by and large they're upvoted.
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    @YouAllSuck which do you think would help someone pay attention in school more ? because which is more like school or work for that matter ?
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    but also lets consider that these videos were made as hidden adverts.

    the first in the case of the sigmoid features a well built male who obviously has no idea what he is doing.

    if i chose the right one.

    but its the same guy.

    so yes man what i'm saying does make sense when you consider that many things in many places are fronts for other things.

    like advertising prostitution on chaturbate or onlyvids

    public private style encryption
    or through youtube videos.

    this is why our cultire is now so confused.
    half the people were raised in the real world like i was
    half were raised to be 'code talkers' and learn nothing.
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    @YouAllSuck I am a fool, all topics will retard on going to my mind. Even if you force them.
    And also mentioning yourself in a comment is foolishness
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    @Eklavya explain the meaning of the last part
    I would suspect you are not or pretending not be a native English speaker
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    @Eklavya you know man the problem is there is no acceptable default to my situation
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    @Eklavya you people are anti survival and anti happiness. and spread that like a disease everywhere
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