I'm gonna EDIT!!!

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    Nooo dooon't
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    Sr devs be like
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    Ahah yes funky code funky code…


    What the FUCK is this line? D:


    (I know it is a continuation of the previous line, but reading it fastly I got surprised)
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    well......you can change var to let
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    @piratefox but the string literal isn't even template string, what does two curly braces do there?
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    @Pogromist I'm afraid it's meant to be filled in by a server-side templating engine.
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    Reminds me of a shitty dev we had who implemented some complicated stuff and it was buggy AF but he always said (read in Ukrainian accent): don’t touch code, it will cause bugs 😂
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    Jesus Christ is that JavaScript that creates a script tag to load more JavaScript?
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    @10Dev scriptception
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    JavaScript is like NAT:
    A pretty bad idea, most often used without need, makes the internet a worse place for everyone,
    and seems to be able to reproduce somehow...

    The main difference is, that JavaScript is mostly used to violate peoples privacy while NAT is mostly used to keep people from fully participating on The Internet (meaning: Cheaply run their own servers at home).
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    Cool injection opportunity if you’re not careful …. set discus subdomain to “mydomain.com/?”
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