Any advice for when ur managers don't do their job well and if u say something is not done right, then they will let u do it?

FFS im tired that shit not being done right but im not looking for doing their job for them while they get paid more and sit in facebook

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    Zero technical product or planning.. yes, lets let the devs do the architecture planning now

    Bad product .. yes lets involve devs in product meetings

    Bad ui design workflow.. yes let the devs work together with the designers

    No work coordination between teams or any logic work assignment.. whats the problem.. just talk to the other devs and coordinate yourself

    Bad code.. no coding standards.. we are not coding anymore.. you should do code reviews for each other

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    Software architecture and code reviews should definitely be performed by someone who knows all the technicalities. Managers are supposed to decide priorities based on the information they get from devs and elsewhere.

    If you think you should only write code that fulfills the strict requirements someone else sets, you are in high risk of being replaced by AI during the next decades.
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    @electrineer every team and what works for it.. just speaking about my current situation.

    But I'm not a big fan of those positions who turn 1 person into an entire development team and call it full stack.
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