"Oh you're a developer?"


"Hey I've got this awesome app idea. You build it all and you can get 10% of the profits?"

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    Proper response:

    "I have an idea too: go fuck yourself."
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    Ideas are cheap, execution is expensive
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    Are there really these kinds of moron people around the world?! -_-
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    They think that we only code, they don't know who can code can have a million idea.
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    -"So, what's that great idea?"
    -"Can't tell you."
    -"Well, have you searched app stores and googled in general to see if someone else's level of genius matches yours, so that they came up with the same idea a long time ago?"
    -"Uh, no". (searching app stores) "Damn..."
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    @jakobev its 70 percent of what i hear as a freelancer
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    @plumbus it's really interesting to hear about freelance BTW I know it's not an easy Chill live without doing nothing but anyways.. Do you get offers from private people also?
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    I think this is what you are looking for
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    my response
    "your giving me 10% of you app that has nothing to with me thanks"
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    @papierbouwer already saw it
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    "... And that was the day little George refused to develop Instagram."
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    @tommy hey cool didn't know plumbi had owners manuals. The real question is, what the heck is dinglebop?
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    @plumbus at least I know how to make one.
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    If they handle the business plan, business development, sales, training, human resources, lawyer shit, logistics, account management, 1st level support etc... It is actually kind of fair.

    10% for being a developer is good. If you want more % you have to take more responsibilities.
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    @Catdow Human resources etc in a startup? No way. HP, Apple, Oracle, Google etc started as a couple of guys in a garage. All the other stuff comes AFTER you have worked your ass of to have a product.
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    Poor @plumbus... :(
    Or you can say : "yes but I will not develop your shit"
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    @sebastienA I've wasted time sending them a rough estimate of what their idea might reasonably cost. Then i multiply by ten and ask how long they think it will take their revenue to match. Then i explain being paid hourly is a better bet for me, no matter what they say, they're speculating.
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    Kids are the main culprits. They have a great idea for a video game or a robot that does Their chores or some crao, and when asked how they will do it they either say that they will learn, or that they know scratch and how to write hello world in JS, so they're already a programmer
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    it depends in what 10% is... but for starters I'll want 30% for profits below 30k
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