I've been working with a teacher developing a web application for some business that rents stuff.

Long story short, he's so damn incompetent! I mean, for fucks sake, he sent me this picture asking me "what to do"... dude, just fucking read, it says that the VM will capture input and to escape just press right control!!!

I can't believe this guy is a CompSci Engineer...

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    A teacher asked you that? Trump got to be president so that makes sense, anybody can be whatever they want :')
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    Actually, I'm having some problems with vm's capture - it only works if I double tab right ctrl
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    If using virtual box, install the guest additions. It makes the whole experience much more tolerable
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    @samwir That's weird
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    @linux-colonel Point is, he made me write (currently on it) a tutorial on how to:

    + Setup a Web Server
    + Develop a PHP app with Yii2
    + Use PostgreSQL

    And you know that those topics are freaking huge...
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    Step 1: open web browser on google/duckduckgo
    Step 2: look it up yourself

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    @apex so basically you teach your teacher what he will teach you?
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    Computer science engineer? That's an interesting title.
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    @linux-colonel Believe me, I fucking pointed him to the docs so many times, but yet he fails to comprehend.
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    @azous Not so, he teaches subjects related to languages, automatons, but he claims he knows about web-dev.

    Let's call him John Snow, and as it is, he knows nothing
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    @ygtgngr, names of grades change a lot in different countries, and also sometimes a direct translation can have a different meaning. Heck! In my country different Universities can offer the same grade and the content might be quite different. But... In Spanish a grade as "Ingeniero en Ciencias de la Computación" (CompSci Engineering) usually means you have a stronger theory/hard science back than a grade as "Ingeniero en Sistemas de Información" (Information Systems) or as "Ingeniero en Informática" (IT).
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    @Eariel so is the education hardware based or software based? In US CompSci is software heavy with a little architecture knowledge, Computer Engineering is lots of hardware and low level stuff.
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    @ygtgngr in the Basque country (north of Spain) we have a degree called "ingenieria informatica" - computer engineering and the first two years it's the same for everyone. Though the third year you have to choose among software, hardware or computing (AI, algorithms, ..) to specialize in. Lastly, on the third year subjects from any field can be chosen.
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    @ygtgngr, it's a mix. Lots of "how stuff works", Maths, operative systems theory, AI and so on.
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    That's why he is a teacher, he is too incompetent to work in the private sector
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