My boss has a camera in the office for "security" reasons and I happen to be just right under it, exposing my computer screens to it. So I wrote a script that sends me an email whenever the camera port is accessed.

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    There ya go. Survival of the fittest!
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    Paranoia much?
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    Doesn't an email have too much delay?
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    @kunashe me or him?

    @-xlf its sent internally so I get it within 2 seconds which is good enough for me

    @ironedr I asked him the exact question and he said it is if everyone knows it's there

    @KnightsOfCode from myself to myself
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    @eirabie did you add some kind of connection delay where you would have time to switch back to work?
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    How do you know when the port is accessed?
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    @eirabie apparently this caught a lot of attention, we need this lol I wonder how you have done it as well haha
    Anyways, well done!
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    @jckimble I did not but good idea!

    @delphiboy @iker592 I monitor for new connections and packets on a mikrotik router
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    Can you share how you did that
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    @RedSnapper mikrotik routers let you monitor stuff and run scripts
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    Once worked in a company where the CEO had the kitchen bugged because that's where a lot of private chat happens. It was fitted over a weekend and by 10am Monday we all knew it was there. That particular CEO was a clueless, space-wasting c*nt, and so were all his fawning, arse-licking underlings on the board.
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    @enen he does. But if he wants to go through 8 hours of footage everyday then he's most welcome.
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    @runbrun11 ah, you just change your tasks when he's initially watching. Also you could make a python script that closes/minimizes certain windows automatically
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    @tisaconundrum I'll also have it set to notify me every 5 minutes if he keeps watching
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