Corporations... huge, old, monolithic
We want you to automate but will do everything we can to prevent you from getting resources to do it. Restricting policies, decisions by managers on "what they do not want". No procedures on how to achieve the result within policies. Half the business lives in a gray zone and sea of policy exceptions.
We finally decided to get at least Azure subscription instead of trying to develop similar framework internally, but wE DoNT WANt YOu to dEPlOY thERE As WE Don't cOnSIDEr it sAfE ENough.
Like pissing against wind.

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    Wait... If you have an azure subscription, but can't deploy there... What are you paying for?
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    @atheist Other teams from different business units does not suffer from such restriction. Just our VP decided, he doesn't like it and created a policy, that no production network related data can be placed on a public cloud.

    .....while the same data are being loaded there by other initiatives (in 3 different 3rd party clouds!)
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    And employees half of which are npc placeholders
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    Funny how this rant floated to the top
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    Inefficient ops tend to create jobs
    Get rid of those and you need bs jobs
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