Got my first serious project about a year ago. Made it clear to the client that we are developing a Windows app. After around 80-100 hours of work client just goes "how about we make this a web app?" Got a "financial support" instead of the agreed payment. Got around 4 times less money than agreed upon. They never ended up using some parts of the software (I ran the server so I knew that they weren't using it)

I once had a nightmare explaining to the client that he cannot use a 30+ MB image as his home page background. Average internet speed in my country is around 1-2 MB/s. I even had to do the calculation for him because he couldn't figure out the time it took for the visitor to load the image.

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    thats what we get if tech literacy is not a mandatory subject in school
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    @KennyTheBard I'm from a very "developed" country. Even the schools themselves have a heavy use of computers in their educational programs. And yet there is barely any attention to IT basics at all. Like not even optionally
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    @Tonnoman I hear ya

    In my country computers are rarely used in eduction, at least until university (but that was a few years ago when i was still in still in school so things might have changed a bit)

    But no one ever talks about the most basic things which is true, many people should already know them, but at the same time many don't and this leave them missing basic knowledge in life, like storage sizes, basic info security etc

    I get it no country really get this as well done as it should, but is just sad to teach people about climates that might dissapear in their lifetime, but not basic knowledge about the modern world they live in

    A few decades ahead and a few great technology jumps ahead and they might feel like primitives, especially if not working a job that forces them to do more than click a few buttons at a PC
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