I have no patience when softwares takes time to load.

It ruins my momentum/focus and I just wanna throw everything away.

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    Get some cool costly RAM
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    Relatable. I don't usually have a problem as most things I use aren't slow, I go for high end stuff.

    However there's this "smart tv" my flatmate got that's absolutely infuriating to use, it's so slow I'd rather go to my pc, turn it on and watch on there. It has the audacity to kill the app you're using to "free up memory." The worst.
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    reminds me of a project some years ago when we had to deploy Java code to SVN and then wait about 40 minutes for a success or failure e-mail to arrive
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    Haha! My potato takes time to load anything. Even file explorer. Want to open a simple image? Gotta wait a few seconds(doesn't sound a lot, but this is just an image).
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    @fraktalisman our main build took 29 min. Tests took more than half and none of those tests never captured any broken code changes. And imagine having tests run on each and every feature branch getting created in addition to develop and release branches

    The CI machine must be crying for Help
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    *laughs in 14h+ (often goes up to days) synthesis times for FPGA*
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    After using android studio I am used to these things, and I reserve little chores to do during these loading and building times. Also eating.
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    @Eklavya okie :( is 16GB enough? Or would I need more?
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    @milk 16 GB might not be enough. 32 GB is the defacto for dev machines these days. Most importantly, you need an SSD that can keep up with your CPU/RAM. HDDs are a big NO if you are sensitive to latencies

    In the end, upgrading hardwares will only help to a certain extent. If the tools or websites you are using are inherently slow due to XYZ reasons, you can't help much
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    @milk It's perfect not more needed
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    @Eklavya very ill-considered answer, no? 16GB is WAY more than enough for some tasks and absolutely garbage for others. It depends on what @milk does and/or uses.

    Some of my work can run on literal kilobytes to single megabytes of RAM, and some other stuff can swallow up hundreds of GB of RAM without trying. It's all about the application.

    Also, what @asgs said.
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    @RememberMe no doubt in your words, but think of such thing what the actual rant depicts. Isn't she sayin' it lags or works slowly. So I deduced making the decision in lesser RAM. But it has 16GB. And what about the processor? And also about SSD?
    Also I actually not want to comment this lowly reply 😒
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    @Eklavya not sure what you mean by your last sentence, but in any case, my comment was in reply to your "It's perfect not more needed", not your initial guess that OP might not have enough RAM (which was a perfectly reasonable guess).

    Guessing what the problem could be is absolutely fine. In fact, it's more than fine, it's great. Providing a recommendation based on incomplete data however (i.e. what applications OP actually uses) could very easily mislead them, so it's good to be careful.

    In any case I'm just really tired and sleepy, sorry I snapped at you.
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    @RememberMe @Eklavya lol what happened here, I just woke up from a long nap. Yea, well I need more RAM but M1s are only up to 16GB so that’s sad. I have a Windows I can upgrade to a higher one tho, but what’s the point since I barely use it.

    Lol get some good sleep everyone. Appreciate y’alllll hehe
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