If you are a salesperson, you can just go straight to hell. You're all a bunch of cocksucking twats and I'm amazed you manage to get yourselves dressed each day. You're a no good fucking waste of oxygen and you need to put your fork in a socket the next time you're eating.

I'm working on building a crm and ticket management system for use in the office to handle client passwords. Since I'm building from scratch I wanted to make sure I had properly planned my classes and functions before opening the code editor so I put a message on my door that says "Don't interrupt, thanks" followed by the date so people knew it was a fresh message and not something left from the previous day.

I'm deep in the zone, the psuedo code and logic is flowing, I'm getting classes planned and feeling really productive for an hour or so when suddenly my door flies open and in comes a sales person.

SP: "Hey, do you have any extra phones lying around? Mine's being slow and keeps hanging up on people."

Me: "Do you see the sign on my door right there at eye level which says not to bother me?"

SP: "oh, do you want me to come back later?"

Me: "You've already interrupted me now, let's go see what's going on before I spent an hour setting up a new phone for you." While we are walking across the office I asked him when the last time the phone rebooted.

SP: "idk, Salesperson#2 suggested that as I was headed over here but I figured I'd just ask you."

We get over to his desk and I see he has two phones sitting on his desk. "Where did this one come from?"

SP: "Oh that was on the desk over here but I figured I could use it."

Me: "Well aside from the fact that the phones are assigned to specific people for a reason, you took the time to unhook your phone to set this one up and you didn't think to reboot your phone first. Plug your phone back in."

He plugs the old phone, which is assigned to him, and while booting it does a quick firmware update and boots up fine. He tests a few things and decides it's all better now.

So someone suggested a fix for you and you decided, instead, you would break company IT policy by moving equipment from one station to another without notifying the IT department. You entered a room which had a closed door without knocking, and you disobeyed the sign on the actual door itself which politely requests that you go away. All because you couldn't be bothered to take 2 minutes and reboot your phone, which you had to do anyways.

You completely broke my train of thought and managed to waste 2 hours of effecient workflow because you had an emergency.

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    @KnightsOfCode he came in like Kramer from Seinfeld, once the door opened the train was derailed. After taking 10 minutes to fix his phone I had to hook the other one back up, and took that interruption as a sign to get food and a smoke.
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    Where the fuck is IT in this story?
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    The amount of times this has happened to me is amazing.

    We write access control software so when i don't want to be bothered i put a sign on the door telling people to email me, remove everyone's access rights to the room and put my headphones on.

    People try to open the door, get stopped, read the sign then go away and email me.
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    There is a difference between helping someone out who genuinely needs help and those who hit into a problem and instantly palm it off on someone else.
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    @w0ble unfortunately, as web developer, I'm also in charge of our IT equipment. Among other things.
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    @-FLX generally speaking, I don't mind helping people. In face most of the time my door is open. But when there's a sign that says to leave me alone. Try to fix your problem yourself first. This whole thing could have been solved without involving me at all if he had just rebooted his phone like the other salesperson suggested.

    And as far as IT policy, the reason I need to know where the fucking phones are is so that they get their calls tracked correctly, you go grab another phone and that person gets the calls on their log.
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    @destructor I definitely agree, I've been working on being a little more blunt about the interruptions. In the next month or so I'll have a new process in place and I won't be doing anything for anyone without a real scope and approval from clients.
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    Just make people hate you then they never come back for help :)
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