I'm like dfox but backwards

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    Fun fact: my username comes from my name (Gustavo) + Ash (from Pokemon). It dates all the way back to when I was still a kid.
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    Fun fact: I am no Clownfish and im not lost.
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    Fun fact: it's a conundrum that the i and the t got mixed up in my name
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    Fun fact: I've never even seen green jam, let alone been in it.... Eewwwww!
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    Yay! I started a thing!
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    Fun fact: a thing has been started
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    Fun fact: you really are a prat!
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    Fun fact: i don't use a pseudonym.
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    Fun fact: I've used this pseudonym for years and built an entire backstory for it and am trying to find time to write a novel based on it

    Fun fact II: jester5537 isn't the character's actual name it's a name he used to get away from his disaster of a past
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