Me: Ok, Lets continue with this scratch project. We need to script in a Update Alert (A button we can press to shut down the game and alert players ingame that an update is here), Add upgrades, (Yadda yadda yadda), And Debug the......

Assistant #1: How about lets not worry about Debugging the game and focus on adding more scripts.

Lead Assistant: How about lets Debug AND add the updates just like the developer said.

Just a word to Assistant #1. Number one, Debugging to a game is like cleaning, grooming, and feeding yourself. If you dont do it, the game performance is to be considered "F.I.T.A" or "Fucked In The Ass". it wont get anywhere Fast, Let alone get anywhere at all. Number Two, Updates are important, I admit that, and im not saying they are less important than debugging, but if you add an ass load of updates before you debug, it will take more time to debug ALL of those other updates than just the few we already did. Plus it will only add more stress to the developers which in turn may make us miss(or make) more bugs in development.

Keep in mind that we are developing Scratch Projects that use the coding language "Blocky".

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