Coding Interviews SUCK

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    Sucking interviews CODE
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    Interviews don't suck, shitty companies suck at giving interviews.

    It was my goal to have positive feedback during interviews. I would even ask them to architect a service out on the wall as I describe the needs to them.

    Make it fun, interesting, and challenging.

    If your interview sucked, it's because the company has sucked the life out of their employees and you don't want to work there.
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    It is very common for Interviews to suck.

    Asking something which is irrelevant to the role of the candidate or the kind of responsibilities to be fulfilled by the candidate if they join the org is very common these days. I don't know how it was done 3 or 4 decades ago
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    @rEaL-jAsE I matched the style of op. And you don't have a say on where I have my periods and when. I'm an independent woman.
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    @sariel what you would give as a interview question /test?
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