Got to a client, we are taking over their software dev and IT.

"you're not touching my code ". Listen fuck twit, a robocopy script is not fucking code.
"I wrote a 3500 line code for this company" no fuck twit, you wrote a whole lot of fucking gibberish that looks like someone shat out BASH and it met html along the way. It doesn't compile, it doesn't run, it's a fucking dormant file. You charged people for shit all.

Setting up exchange is also not a big whoop.

Moving them over to CentOS server (he had them on XP still), and writing enough code to qualm my frustration at people.

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    Good use case for a "Go away or I will replace you with a very small shell script!" t-shirt
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    @brahn nice ideas, you should start selling this shirts ;) I would buy it
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    3500 isnt even a lot
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    @STRINIX it isn't a lot at all. But I would rather eat poop than have to go through it again.
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