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    Nothing out of ordinary, just a baby asking for diaper.
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    How can someone know react and js but not know atleast basic css, or what role bootstrap has/doesnt have?
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    @ojt-rant That's exactly why I hate React and CSS frameworks. It's all a pile of virtual components that don't reflect in the rendered HTML, and randomly generated CSS classes where the word "cascade" has been long lost.

    What I hate even more is how otherwise competent devs insist on using 5 bullshit components instead of writing 2 lines of CSS to achieve the exact same thing, purely because they feel more comfortable using those components than using plain ol HTML & CSS.
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    @hitko yep. Back when jquery started being phased out by devs everyone started moving over to react - I went the other way and went back to vanilla javascript. No extra nonesense needed, just CSS for as much visual effects and JS for event handling. Why re-invent the wheel
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    @ojt-rant i brought a js book for the same reason, i have to re-learn how to wheel
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    @jmstar003 I think web design became over complicated. some of the elements I appreciate (vue seems like a useful solution in some circumstances), but a lot of react and angular is trying to be too clever unless you're trying to do something incredibly complex, which is rare.
    always say "Keep it simple"
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    @ojt-rant sometimes, the complexity in react is simple in vanilla.
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    @ojt-rant Many reasons. I know 180k Sr. Web devs who have admitted to me that they don't know the basics of CSS and have just tossed framework after framework on top of their projects for their entire career.
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