The Windows taskbar programmer, the steam app programmer and anyone who supports either of them can go fuck themselves.

Look at the exit button, the most used button at the bottom.

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    Never used exit button on that menu.
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    But.. taskkill /f /im steam.exe
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    Having the most used button at the bottom makes sense as it's closest to your cursor after you've clicked on the icon (assuming that you have a bottom docked taskbar, which I think most do). As for the rendering order issue, yeah, a bug.
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    There is clearly 3+ pixels to be clicked on, plenty enough.
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    I see DA2, underrated game 👌
    Has a lot of reuse but personally I really enjoyed it. Not as much as Origins, but still very much a Dragon Age game.
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    a) This is clearly a steam bug not a windows related one.
    b) I never use the exit button
    c) I suggest you remove one game out of your taskmgr window list, this should fix this
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    Lol not everything is Windows' fault!
    From this image we can't say whether windows or steam did something wrong.

    Maybe steam forgot to do an API call that would bring the menu to the top or something like that.

    (Also, nice to see other people playing EU4 😁)
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    Works for me, on all platforms™
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    @Demolishun it's nice to just get rid or steam completely, and it's nice to be able to do that without having to play wack a mole finding the right process in task manager
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