Getting the corporate hard sell - after I gave notice at my job I've had my skip level manager and then _his_ boss offer me changes to stay. It's messing with my head!

People seem to be crawling out of the woodwork to get me to stay and it feels a lot like this is how one gets into corporate politics... but I swear almost none of these people cared about me before. Make it make sense!

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    They don't care about you past the point that you get the job done.
    My advice to every is never accept the counter offer. The reason you wanted to leave will still be there if you stay.
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    If you're unhappy, it doesn't cause a problem for them. If you quit, it causes a problem for them.

    People are assholes.
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    And yes, never accept a counter offer. If they're not interested in your problems before, you'd have to quit again to change any thing.
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    I am however in favour of raising problems before finding a new job, but if one of them is "geography", ain't nothing you can do.

    They'll also treat you as if they helped you out and so have no reason to complain if you take a counter offer.
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    Also adding to what @dan-pud said, if you accept a counter offer you may be marked as "that individual who tried/threatened to quit once" and might be made redundant once they're able to replace you.
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    @dan-pud @katvoira

    I worked with a guy who was in a similar situation. They offered him $150k more on top of his $120K salary and were willing to give him a 15 person team to own for an entire new product line.

    He still turned it down. Last time I spoke to him he looked so much happier and healthier.

    Don't stay, it's almost always a trap.
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    Just run.

    They suddenly ralized that you actually worked.
    But you are still just a tool for them.
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    I can only echo everyone else's advice. If they truly cared, they would have made these changes before now. Thank them for their consideration, but insist your mind is made up, then head off on your new adventure :-)
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