Contenders for arseholes this week

- Elasticsearch as their implemented product identification and integration in client libraries like Python to exclude OpenSearch made a lot of things very painful. Yay....

- Microsoft decided to integrate kill switches in Exchange. Yeah.... Great stuff.

- Atlassian has another week of dumbness - after they botch release after release, they killed Slack with DNS

- Adoptium still hasn't managed to provide repositories after fucking up it's transition from AdoptOpenJDK

- No, a project with JDK 8 makes no sense anymore, take that shit and burn it. JDK 11 the same, would be great if we had a Repository working for JDK 17 Adoptium....

- unwanking a TLS setup by integrating an intermediary load balancer to deal with several outdated TLS implementation is a kind of thing that's really scary...
(TLS 1.3 in, TLS 1.1 - TLS 1.3 out... Theoretically all solutions have TLS 1.2… most of them non working. Solutions is a wild bunch from different vendors)

- If you buy a fucking new Apple with an Arm Chipset, ram it up so far up your arse it gets dissolved in stomach acid.
It's an arm. There's tons of compatibility problems of course. No you shouldn't listen to what the marketing says. No I cannot shit rainbows and make it work.

- German election. No politics I know, but still.

- New neighbors decided to move in. Friendly person's. Except I wanted to murder them since they choose 22 o clock for moving time.

- I forgot putting the heater on. Ever woken up frozen like fuck and having a hard week... It's a good combo to break any form of motivation.

The company next to me is renovating. Waking up to the feeling of an earth quake because they demolish their old building is another thing that makes me unhappy.

It's Friday. I survived.

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    To 1): It also prevents connections to old "genuine" elastic search instances 😛

    To 2): Either that or thousands of hacked exchange again... Maybe they should fix their security?
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    The thing that's displayed here is the kind of thing I always warned others of.

    You could move to the cloud. They still could just shutdown the instances, even whole server centres (e.g. BGP).

    Be it Microsoft, Atlassian, JFrog, Amazon or whatever kind of big company one dreams off...

    We've reached the point where we have to trust them to handle our data, though we are totally aware of how wrong this is given their history of complete lack of quality assurance.

    It's ridiculous.

    What's even more ridiculous is that that makes it even easier for them to fuck up and become completely intransparent.

    E.g. Atlassian said after the large OGL debacle that the cloud instances were not affected. End of message.

    No explanation at all.

    I can already picture it.

    "we had a service downtime of 72 hours. Our SLA says you have to pay for it"

    "No, on page 4780 - page 6900… a higher power was involved, noone could have predicted that our faulty quality assurance would lead to a longer downtime. By the way - we need to adjust our pricing policies, so we just doubled your service fees. Good bye."
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    1 couldn't get any sillier. I wish they hadn't done that. It is like a 3 year old kid whining
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    Gin, rum, vodka or whiskey?
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    @NoMad 10.50 in the morning here in Germany.

    So more breakfast time.

    Sumatra Mandheling Coffee, freshly grinded.

    Fresh bread from the bakery.

    And a lot of handmade stuff from the regional farmers store.

    Doesn't make it go away, but yeah. I think my breakfast this weekend is worth 30 Euro plus. xD
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    @IntrusionCM you deserve it. 🙂
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    @IntrusionCM beer then? 🤔
    It's like bread but liquid
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    I always thought yaml was an improvement over xml
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    @chovy wrong rant… even a four year old would realize this.
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    I'm guessing TLS 1.4 in?
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    @hjk101 TLS 1.4 doesn't exist :)
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    @IntrusionCM you are not working on it?
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    @hjk101 no... Afaik 1.4 is not even in planning.
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    Wtf I thought Elasticsearch was dead already lol
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    @amoux what brings you to that conclusion Oo
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    @IntrusionCM the text engine sucks.
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