Making a contest site for a client. It's 2 parts, a static part and then a "hub" where the contest actually takes part. I did most of the static part, and uploaded it to show her. She likes it, but wants to be able to change the content automatically without having to talk to me. Ok, I think. The harder part is the contest site, so she's not gonna run away with my code. I give her access to the ftp and teach her what to do.

To my amazement she takes a liking to html. And starts adding some (super simple) tags. They ruin some of my designs but they look fine. Whatever.

Today she messages me saying that the top picture is off. Hmm, I'll check it out. Turns out almost the entire page is ruined. What's even worse is that she inserted a link to a facebook image she has on top of everything, a picture I don't have access to, and yet she's refusing to admit that it was her mistake. It's not even wrapped in an img tag, it's just pure text!!!

Fine. I'll revert to the version I had. No! cz apparently I can't undo all the changes she's worked hard on. So now I have to go through all the markup and check what's causing this -- and I hate frontend!!!

Worst part of this all? She can't fucking be bothered to type out what her whore infested lying mouth wants to say. She has to send me voicenotes, a few minutes long, filled with uhhh ummm let me think, because that brain who thought learning to write <br/> and <em> is bad ass can't FUCKING formulate a thought before sending it. She has to have me stop my music, and stop my concentration just so she can tell me maybe she pasted it by mistake IN A 5 MINUTE VOICE NOTE. tbh the money isn't even that good. I don't know why I'm still here.

PS: it's not missing an include. I checked.

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    The code is sacred.

    I ask clients to provide me the what they want and I will take care of how part. They are never introduced to How part (Sometimes I struggle to keep requirements and solutions separate). But it pays in long run.

    I would suggest that. If someone other than me (and my team) changes something then we cannot take responsibility of it.

    Though, I feel your frustration. Even after creating clear boundaries we still face issues xD
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    What a rant 👏
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    I think you really like that girl ))
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    @KalmyK I think so too, he wants her whore mouth.
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    @mundo03 come on man. Be gentle. We are dev. We understand embarrassing crushes. We support the people unconditionally. Don't be a bitch which I need to slap later.(cause be sure I'll slap)....
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    @yendenikhil not my wording man, it is in the rant 😎
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    Why don't you use Wordpress?

    Said no Dev ever.
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