That moment you setup 17 domains on sparkpost as a email delivery system

make your account secure with 2 factor authentication like a good infoSec enthusiast

Go on with your life

Having a Phone crash but nothing to worry because you made them backupz

Restore backupz

once again go on with your happy life.

Having to setup a different bounce action on sparkpost

logging in to sparkpost to make the adjustments

opening google authenticator

realising the backup you restored was before you added the sparkpost entry

mailing sparkpost asking to deactivate 2factor authentication

Having them tell me that they have no access to Google authenticator so they can't help me and all they can do for me is delete my account if i answer their 7569357 questions that i entered a year ago ..

You have access to your database yes ? You can delete my account but you can't adjust a fcking Boolean column from true to false? #@?#&!

Why even offer a feature where you have apparently no control over. Stuff like this happens all the time and almost no one saves that fcking authenticator secret.

Make people use authenticators to keep the hackers out, forces them out instead.

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    Made this mistake too, phone died on me. The backup codes is one method but then I stored them too securely (no idea where I printed/filed them).
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    @deMark what did you ended up doing ?
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    I use `Authy` which sycs the two factor between my phone and my tablet. Probably it's a fucking huge security hole, but hey, it saved me when I lost my phone, so...
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    @Tvercruysse I was lucky in that I was still logged in to a number of accounts, so I could disable 2FA.

    But for one account, I couldn't even log into their support ticket system as that needed 2FA.

    Key learnings were:
    - print and save the backup codes for each site. Or save them in a password safe. If a site doesn't have backup codes, that's not a good sign.
    - sites that can authenticate you for various time intervals is more convenient than ones that ask on every login
    - test out/simulate the process of needing to login without Google Auth + the code reset process.

    I got my phone repaired but it was a fresh start so I haven't done all of the above yet, so I'm not using Google Auth right now..
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