Found this gem today while looking through confluence.

Can the candidate use Slack?
Ask follow up questions if missed anything.
Ask the questions that tell a lot about someone without directly asking it (i.e. Have you ever met someone famous? (Telling what the candidate values in life) What are your hobbies? (Telling if candidate has a work life balance). If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why? (Highlights prominent aspects of candidate’s personality) Please don’t just use these, be creative.)

A crayon???? Das when I hang up

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    When recruiters try to make it look like there's something to their job other than emailing resumes to people with actual skills
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    This is from our tech lead who took a udemy course.
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    Work life balance, fair enough. Can piss right off with the others. Meeting someone famous doesn't tell you what the candidate values - if I met Jimmy Saville once, that certainly doesn't mean I'm into the same things as him...
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    @AlmondSauce I like the crayon one. Smh
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    With the celebrity and crayon hobby psychologist bullshit, my answer would be: "Yeah, so let's return to job related questions. Can you please walk me through your development process and roles?"
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