After reading a lot of cryptography, I realized that it would be best if Alice and Bob just talk in person

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    But how would they communicate where to meet ?
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    @sgoel01 Aargh.Now my mind is twisted
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    They would first need to exchange location information securely, without Eve intercepting the message and reading it
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    @sgoel01 that's an easy one! Each chooses a random number, generated by a perfect rng, then each sends this number to the other, and the xor will be the coordinate.
    Or at least that was Alice's idea. Problem is, how would she communicate this idea to Bob?
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    This made me chuckle. Thanks 😊
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    I considered them as Jarvis and Ultron...
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    Trudy here :)
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    @elazar Easy! They would have to meet in person for that. But .. Wait...
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    Why din't you mention the source?

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    This made me laugh out loud in a hospital waiting room, which got me some pretty weird looks. Thanks a bunch for making me make a prat of myself in public. I usually manage that unaided...
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    was this only a joke? if you read a lot about crypto, could you give me some examples of what to read? thanks :P
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    Had to laugh, because I'm sitting in my computer security class right now.
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    Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach!
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