User: "Why isn't this process updated? There's something wrong with your system."

Me: "Did you submit the request?"

User: "Uh yeah I'm sure I did..."

Me: "Go submit the request again." (they never did the first time)

User: "I don't know how. Will you show me?" *shows user how to do it* "Ok I did it now."

Me: "You did it wrong, you need to resubmit it."

User: "Ok I resubmitted it."

* a week later *

User: "The process still hasn't shown any progress."

Me: "You didn't resubmit it like you said you did."

User: "Will you show me how to do it again?"

* fuck me *

Me: "Sure..."

Process works as expected and everyone lives happily ever after, except the developer that knows it is just a matter of time till the next user blatantly lies, has no respect for anyone's time, and demonstrates a complete lack of desire to care about their job at all and just wants to bitch and complain like a typical lazy ass-hat.

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    Most likely, the process is too complicated or the GUI sucks.
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    @Oktokolo Sometimes you have to accept some people just suck.
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    Or.... the dev should just say: "busy now. I will check it later", and never do anything.
    when asked why problem not solved, say "I checked, and all was correct".

    Two can play this game.
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    Well, devs also most often are "power users".
    For us, almost all normal users suck hard at using computer software.
    And if your software is meant to be used by monkeys (hint: that almost always is the case), it better is intuitively usable for monkeys or you failed one of the requirements.

    That doesn't mean, that there aren't valid excuses for creating GUIs that are hard to use by that monkeys: Not enough time, not good at making GUIs for monkeys, not good at modelling processes for monkeys,...

    But then you just have to accept, that someone has to guide the monkeys through the GUI over and over again until they just memorized the exact steps to do for their specific use cases until they forget or stumble upon a slightly different use case...
    That doesn't have to be you. But if nobody else can do it, it will be you.

    So what you likely need to do is: Train a supporter so he can then train the monkeys while you do what you can do best - create more work for the supporter ;)
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    @Oktokolo Except we are no monkeys, we are professionals.
    I don't care if you love computers or hate anything metal, you've learnt simple processes before, just put some mind and learn this one. I don't think op was writing a social network for teenagers and stupid people, so we can expect some decency from the user.
    Sure GUIs can be bad, but unless it was made by a 15 years old that learnt coding last month, I don't think that's an excuse.
    And please don't lie, just fucking tell me and I make a Word document you can read whenever you need to do this again. We can even write it together.
    But no, instead they ask constantly for quick and dirty support. That's disrespectful.

    You are right in general, but I'd be mad at this person.
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    I too am mad at that persons - and sometimes even let them know that (i am only human after all).

    But sales, marketing, or management will never be able to fill a form with more than ten fields correctly on first try.
    It just isn't gonna happen.

    Not only do they seem to see a completely different screen than we do - they even live in a completely different culture, where you never admit doing anything wrong until it literally has been proven. Error culture is an alien concept to them.
    Just expect "face saving" lies from them...

    I am pretty sure, that i met multiple actual monkeys disguised as humans at work.
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