I made a Trello board and listed some tasks for me and my team.

My boss comes in, I show him the trello board to show how I organized our tasks.

He liked it, so I asked him if we can use it more frequently.

He replied: this is your code, do whatever you want.

I asked: my code?

He replied: yah didn't just build this webpage? This interactive task manager.

Me in shock: hold on you think I built trello?

Boss: oh ... You didn't ? It looks like something you'd do for your "front end masterbaution".

Me: oh wow, well... If that was the case I would've made $425 million on top of my salary.

Boss: looked at me like meh ~ and walked away...

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    No one questioning the front end masturbation part? Okay *backs away slowly*
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    This is creepy
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    @corjaantje at least it wasn't "back end masturbation".

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    @corjaantje @ZaLiTHkA whenever someone in our company works extremely well and delivers results way better than the required from the client just because "they like it" my boss label the skill name to the word "masterbaution" so basically we have "design masterbaution", "front end masterbaution" and "backend masterbaution".
    and no we don't take it for the literal meaning XD
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    @Nedo-the-angry word of advice: whenever you start looking for a new job, on your resume do not put under skills or prior experience "front-end masturbation" or "back-end masturbation".

    a sentence like "efficiently performed front-end masturbation until clients were satisfied with the results" would most likely be mis-interpreted.

    This is probably common sense, but, you know... needed to be said.
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    @Lisanna no it isn't
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