Every morning I start visual studio code from cmd... So I wanted to make a script to open that specific folder and start it in code...

The time I spent trying to make this thing is longer than the time it would take me to start code every morning.

Guess I'm no hackerman :/

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    In Windows you have a task planner. If it's a standard time you start to work you can do it there. Just search for taskplanner then. Otherwise you have to create a bat file to open the file.
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    @BrianK I tried that 😂 but I just want to click on the script to fire up code whenever I want to, for that specific folder... I only managed to open the folder 😂
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    Create txt file use: start /d "path to exe" file.exe. place on your desktop and run it
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    @BrianK I only manage to fire up code. If I want to say, have several bat files that start different projects, is that possible?
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    Mandatory XKCD comic... 😋
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    @dreik definitely true! 😂😂
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    @dreik pretty much what happened today at work 😂
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    It will pay off in the long run. Seconds add up... just like sorting 1,000,000 items an O(n) algorithm.

    Wooh! I actually used Big O for something other than interviews!
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    @dreik The theory works for me 99% of the time... this devRant client is taking a lot of time though... need to keep up with @dfox changes.... how does he find time for this stuff....
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