> move out
> few months to get married
> get a client
> get another client
> first client starts to get messed up
> tell the first client to cancel the contract
> second client cancels my contract because the first client is pissing me off and making my productivity decline
> first client don't wanna cancel the contract nor pay me
> brings a lawyer
> 3 weeks to get married
> no job
> bills to pay
> lawyer to pay

great to be me

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    I'm glad my advice to get a lawyer has... Made things... Better?

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    @molaram I really thought

    actually a thought that with two clients, i could pay everything for the marriage and the house stuff
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    @atheist yes it made, I'm seeing my money in the end of the tunnel + a fat more bc they didn't pay me
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    I really hope things pan out great for you.
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    Lol. Hilarious dude. What a newb. Hire the lawyer for the marriage not the clients.
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    @chovy In my case, the lawyer is more necessary with clients than in my marriage. Bc this part I was fast and took care of it ;)
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