Spent 5+ years tolerating the bullshit of this guy (ex boss) and looks like it was a useless addition to my network.

I always got high praise from him and my colleagues and PMs. However, that never translated to good hikes/promotions/any favours of any type. Except for one time I never protested this because I saved the mental stress for other more important things (and that worked out well for me). It allowed me to sort of strut about the place like I own it and that was cool.

But today I needed to encash a favour from this reptile. And it was trivial enough that I thought I could count on that snake. But he did what he always does. Offered a useless alternative to any actual help.
So he helped, tried 'his best' according to 'policy', but I have to refuse it because it's like asking for water but getting air in return. Fucking chode.

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    Whoah. One of my tags got eliminated. Shucks. Didn't know there was a word limit on tag length.
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    @molaram I don’t think I’ve seen you compliment anyone in months! Hope this means things are looking up and that it will continue :)
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    @molaram lesson hard learnt
    Good thing I still got balls
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    Whoah! New update from a few minutes ago.
    Not only that rat denied me, he is asking other guys to deny me the way he did.
    Got off a call from my better boss and he told me what this vile rodent told him. We both laughed a bit and shared how weird this whole thing is.
    I was worried the rat would have him spooked but he seems cool. I hope to hell that he doesn't backstab me.

    #barking up the wrong tree because my garden is fucking tiny and it is the biggest tree there

    (Going to fucking machete that useless tree down and burn it with acid)
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    @anux just take defroster and poison the tree.
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    @IntrusionCM but... that wouldn't be as cathartic, would it now?
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    @anux no. But less stressful.

    Even better, get an electro collar on your boss and let him chop down the tree.
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    @IntrusionCM that's some Hannibal level shit. That should do. ^^
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    @anux nah.

    Hannibal level would be to give him an additional "incentive".

    Salt water / sweat can dissipate quite a lot of chemicals, maybe some insect pheromones and fire ant farms will be an incentive.
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    @IntrusionCM you sir have surely done this before. *tips hat
    That rat is gonna be hosed.
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