True story.

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    Had the same thought in highschool, my IT class was learning how to use Excel word and PowerPoint, things that I just didn't consider at all fun, also teacher had a grudge against and failed me for touch typing lol
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    GTFO, that was what my highschool 'computer class' was too! Mine wasn't Excel and PowerPoint though; we learned how to use WordPerfect 5.1. In DOS.

    #wp51baby #holyshit #amithatold

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    @civel you know what I found sad though, reason I picked the class was a year ago we had taster classes of electives, one being using basic HTML, which I found fun lol, teacher was cool too, and yet somehow we ended up with learning word and crap, some people at work don't know how to basic things like that maybe they should go to back to highschool​ LOL
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    At least that's a pretty nice Keyboard there. ^^
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    I was in "IT class" in elementary school...

    ...We had less IT Lessons than Sport class
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