People who take photos of their screens instead of screenshots

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    Printscreen is not so hard. But, if I had to printscreen, send it to my phone. Then send it to someone on any messaging client. I'd rather just take a photo on my phone if it can be clear enough to serve the purpose. Time is of the essence, only if the quality isn't required.
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    This is still a thing?
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    The irony :')
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    Sure photos of screen are bad but are often done "right" (e.g. display the issue at first glance"
    What I really hate is screenshots of the entire screen pasted in fucking Word. With no decent guiding text at all...

    So first you have to open the doc. Than somehow enlarge it or extract it so can finally see it.
    After that you still don't know what the problem is because the screen is full of apps and the problem is some tiny detail in a mail that is not even open... Fuck this is a rant on its own.
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    @JavaMustDie well then we can't help it. The effort to take a screenshot and send it less is than to argue with a "know it all" xD
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    In tty -> it's just more work..
    And u cant use print screen key.
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