This is the LAST TIME a critical PC component will fail me in the middle of a project. Wtf is up with hardware makers these days? Why can't you make a video card that will last for more than a year, AMD?? FFS!

Desktop for gaming, laptop for code. Now to redo my workstation AGAIN. 😭

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    My HD 7750 with 2gb of DDR3 has lasted me years and still going strong lol
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    Ive had amd gpus for the last 10 or so years and i dont remember any of them being faulty
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    HD 6990 here lasted 9 years and still running
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    Happy for you all. I've changed about 4 within the past 6 years.
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    Get a CPU with an integrated GPU so you don't use one GPU for everything?
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    @sam9669 when you realize hd6* was 9 years ago
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    @agentwolf44 that's a good idea but I'm done investing in desktop for work. Time for me to start putting my money into a decent laptop and docking station. I hear far fewer horror stories about laptops failing, plus I think I want the flexibility to work from wherever.
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