User: Bobby, please update this quality controlled document because I screwed it up.

Me: No there is a process for a reason, multiple people need to sign off on this. Also, we talked about this exact issue a year ago that you did not fix.

User: But its a minor change, several hyperlinks in the Word document need adjusted.

Me: Ok, you do it and submit it through the process again.

User: Can you make the changes to the document? It will take me forever and I'm very busy. I know you can do it much quicker than I can.

Me: I really don't want to edit this document myself. It doesn't apply to my job at all and I cannot verify any of the changes would be correct.

User: Oh it's fine. Make the changes and I'll look over it.


I hate my job sometimes.

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    The only response anyone gets from me when they're "too busy" and want me to do something for them is, "is what I'm working on not important enough to make me too busy?"

    Don't come to me with your bullshit excuses and tell me the work I'm focused on is unimportant.

    Fuck you "Jack", take your document and shove it up your ass.
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    "Sure! I will get to it sometime Soon!".

    Promptly forget it, and never answer emails, or calls from whatever made the request.
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    Guaranteed if they violate the approval process YOU will get blamed.
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    I'll request the necessary time from management, gimme a sec, just need to type the mail and add a few CCs.
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    @IntrusionCM Make sure to include testing for every damn thing in the code with the potential errors introduced.
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    @Demolishun My email was usually (yes we were like a family):


    Customer <XY> wants to allocate time for an extraordinary service, should I write an invoice with the usual extra fees?

    All in all, I'd estimate that <N> customers would have to wait. Necessary time will be at least <N> weeks.

    At least <N> projects will be delayed.

    Can you contact customer <XY> management to assure that they're aware of the additional costs incoming?


    I usually "mumbled" the mail content (of course completely unintentional) while typing.

    In many cases suddenly the customer was able to deal with the problem by himself.
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    @IntrusionCM I am stealing this. As a starting point.
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    @sariel I'm even to busy to respond to that bs.

    @IntrusionCM love both ideas. Just love em!
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