During the "how to install WordPress" the professor tells us to use the root user of the database.... Wooooooo yeah! Let's get fucked!

And he never even notes to them "DON'T use root in production!"

I can just imagine every one of the 40 people in attendance that day wondering how their website could POSSIBLY get hacked...

And they are are going to entering the industry, some of them as freelancers from the onset, thinking all that is ok.

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    Thats the world buddy. Much more triviling is when they use the same password for the Linux root. And these are the guys which are high and mighty in IT but really understand 20 % of it.

    I already saw that shit and couldn't belive it.
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    Yeah... I was talking about this to my friend today:

    There are those who actually try and then they're are those who reach a satisfactory point in their learning and then just stop advancing; relying instead on their bullshitting tactics...
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