It's a pretty long rant. Hope you didn't get bored :P
So I have this friend of mine who has learnt Python at good level (that's what he says) and is with me in all classes in college. I have worked with C, C++, C# and Java only and hated Python when it was taught (wk44).
So the following happened in the last 2 weeks:
Once he wrote a Python function in terminal just returning a hard coded string (lame right) and will show me how cool is it and that it is sooo much easier.
Whenever we do a mini project together he will force that we use Python. Even in Image processing when everyone is ready to work on Matlab, he insists that Python would be a better option.
We asked that this XYZ is very easy to implement on Matlab.
We then had to listen about the large and great community of Python and that it has Libraries for everything and that it is the greatest programming language ever.
One day he saw my C# project for DFA and NFA simulation which was the greatest project I have "completed" myself, and went like "Hmph, if I was you, I would use python and make a more "professional" code" (then went on arguing as always)
This happened today in Networking lab-
(Sockets was taught and we are expected to learn its programming aspects)
All students: Open linuxhowtos.org and start reading on socket programming
He : Opens some websites and downloads books on Networking with Python or someting
Now while I am reading the documentation of sockets and bind, he opens spider IDE, copy-paste the code in the book and start bugging ME that he is getting all these errors like literally showing me those errors and whining about all those problems.
Me: We are supposed to learn this in C. Here take a look at this link.
HE: No I'll use Python cuz it is better than your C. It has libraries for everything and is much easier.
Me: Alright whatever I am fed up, do whatever you want

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    Top class rant 😁 and my sincere condolences for all your wasted time that you with him..
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    Good rant bro it was good to read one, imo people so dense, you shouldn't even try to argue, you'll waste your time, just straight up ignore his ass and let him do his shit
    Learn C, it's one if not the most important language to know, and you can tell him that most of libraries in python are coded in C , there is Cython as well which improves the speed of python, so yeah C is fucking important, I don't know C but I know python
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    You are right @lukegv but the thing is we are taught Image processing with Matlab in our labs. Also none of my other team mates new Python.
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    Ikr @KnightsOfCode
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    great rant, thanks.
    obviously python and c# are fully capable...people are variables...set his value to None or NULL.
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    I used this:
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    Tell them to rewrite Linux in Python. That might shut them up ^^
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    "When you have a hammer, every problem seems like a nail"
    On a side note, are you in SRM anyhow?
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    @varundey VIT Vellore. But close enough 😁
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    @Anu-cool-007 yeah I can totally relate xD
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    @lukegv agree with you. The guy definitely has issues (looking for validation amongst friends on his hard work spent on learning a language), but that doesn't mean he won't have valid points every now and then. They're just lost in the thicket of all the other unnecessary irritating rubbish he might spew
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